Fantasy Designs is your one-stop destination for quality embroidery services. From the simple to the complex, we can take your ideas and turn them in to custom embroidery masterpieces.
Personal names or initials can be embroidered on any garment. We can add a name, number, or words to many items. Charges are $8 for the 1st word, $2 for each additional word. Available fonts: Diana Script, Block, Century Bold, Athletic Script, and Kids.
Submiting Artwork:
Artwork will be used as a background template that we use in the digitizing process. The higher quality the art, the better your finished product will be. We can accept most PC picture formats including artwork generated in Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and other art programs. Picture formats should be sent as .jpg, .tif, .bmp, or .gif suffixes.

If you do not have your logo in digital form you may send a scanned image and e-mail the attached logo. If all you have is a fax, you may fax us at 949-635-9592 or call us at 949-635-9591 for assistance M-F 9am-5pm pacific coast time. Please include a return phone and fax number.

Embroidery Thread Color Chart 


Please include which thread color you would like for your embroidery design(s) when ordering.

Size Parameters:

A typical left chest deign is 3-4" wide. Hat logos can be no larger than 2 1/4" high. Full back logos should extend no larger than 12-15" wide. Small letters must be at least 1/4" high for clarity. For embroidery names, numbers, and/or other characters please see our sizes guide below for font, number and character sizing. wings-an-site.gif

Setup / Digitizing Charges:

A onetime fee of $18.00 per thousand stitches and $15.00 per thousand above 10,000 stitches will be charged for each logo created. A typical left chest logo may be 5,000 stitches. So 5 X $18.00 = $90.00. Contract digitizing is $15 and $10 per thousand stitch respectively.


Further customize your personalized creation with Rhinestones. These jewels will make your design "pop" by adding light reflection and overall attractiveness. This optional decoration has been a favorite of many dance and cheer teams, ladies athletic and spirit wear items along with hats, shirts, bags, gloves and more. We can create your design fully in rhinestones or create custom accents by applying one at a time to your specification.

Tackle Twill:
Appliqué is a custom-made design that gives a 3-dimensional look and texture without the high stitch count. The appliqué fabric is sewn directly onto the garment using either a zig-zag or satin stitch. Choose from a text appliqué logo, sport appliqués, or combine them for a stylish look! While appliqué is extremely popular with sports teams, it is also popular with the work wear and corporate markets.